Christmas in Paris!


2018 has been difficult, in February, I lost my only sibling Jeffrey to Cancer at age 33. Needless to say, the holidays weren’t going to be so cheerful, I previously lost my mother in 2015, so the holidays have been rough every year since. My brother, daughters and I all lived together before they both went off to college and he passed away, so the celebrating the Christmas at home just wasn’t going to be the same.

This year, for the 1st time ever, my daughters and I decided to spend the holiday away from home, after discussing various locations, we decided on the city of lights…Paris! We have never been, so the thought of going to visit the Eiffel Tower at Christmastime was very exciting, for my daughters (ages 20 & 18) this was an opportunity of a lifetime.

This was a big trip, I always remind my girls how blessed they are because not very many kids their ages get to go on a trip, certainly not out of the country! Even though traveling to Paris wouldn’t take the sting out of spending our first Christmas without Jeff present, it was a pleasant distraction. We kept his lively spirit alive during the trip, discussing how he would have reacted to the sights we saw.

Jeff was a HUGE wrestling fan, so spending Christmas at WWE Raw, Wrestle Mania or some Cage of Death event would have made him just as happy as going to Paris made us! lol

We were in Paris for 6 days, not very long, but long enough for my girls and I to enjoy our 1st Mother/Daughter(s) Christmas trip abroad. It helped me to appreciate life even more now that I’ve had so many examples of how short life really is.

Taking a trip abroad may not be an easy thing for everyone to do, but if the holidays are an emotional time due to the loss of a loved one, it helps to do something non-traditional. Your loves will be with you in spirit no matter how you choose to spend the holiday.

Thanks to Karen Utsey at Karen’s Kustom Travel ( for arranging such a lovely trip!

Christmas 2018

14 thoughts on “Christmas in Paris!

  1. Kim your blog is awesome!!! You blog very well! I look forward to reading more! I can be a empty nester thru you!! Lol 8 years and counting helping to raise my granddaughter while my oldest daughter was in the Army and now both working and college full time! 1 more years and she will graduate college! Hoping your blog inspires me!!


  2. Kim! I’m very impressed! Watching you transition from “one of dem lil kids at church”, to a silver fox has been phenomenal! I look forward to reading more of your blogs! Love u!


  3. That is soooo awesome!!! I became an empty nester at 40. Like you I was like what am I supposed to do 😳. Groupon became my friend. I did Archery. I signed up for scuba diving and fencing but their times didn’t work with my schedule….bummer. My son went abroad his sophomore year. He went to Spain, Paris, Italy, and Germany. It’s great being an empty nester. You can walk around the house free 😂😂😂 come home when you want….its just great!


    1. Hi Damika! Thank you and welcome to my blog! Yes i love it, my next goal is to take a language class! I’m trying curling (on ice) this weekend🤣🤣
      I’m glas you’re enjoing yourself.
      ..stay tuned!


  4. Woohoo!! I love it and enjoyed keeping up with the trip with you and the girls. I’m so excited about the next journey/chapter in your life!! Everyone is smiling sending you big hugs and kisses from heaven above!! Love ya!


  5. Awesome blog! I couldn’t help but continue reading! Thank you for taking us along for the journey…I look forward to more…keep ’em coming! I need to contact your travel agent if she’s available!


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