Ready, Set, Go!

Tomorrow is February 1st!!! Here in Michigan, this is the day many will celebrate our restaurants and bars re-opening!

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Michigan, like so many other States, has been on “lock down” for the last few months, Governor Whitmer has received much backlash over this order, many calling on her to be recalled. Coming from someone that has recovered from Covid, I can appreciate her trying to keep us Michiganders safe.

Of course there will be stipulations to the opening of the restaurants: everyone has to wear a mask, no more than 25% capacity and no more than 6 people to a table. Yes it will be in “inconvenience” for some people, but the fact that we get to go out and dine with our friends and family again is worth the sacrifice. Not sure whether or not I will be joining in the dining experience this week, but I will glad that restaurant workers and owners can return to making a living.

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So again, if those of you in Ohio, Indiana or any other surrounding State, hear a thunderous roar coming from Michigan, you know why! We are excited that we will finally be able to dine in and eat baskets of bread!

Love and Peace💖


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