Back on the Blogging Bandwagon!

So here I am back blogging after a 9 month break! I don’t have a real reason as to why I’ve been away so long. It’s funny how time flies when you’re a procrastinator.

My 2019 New Years resolution WAS to commit to my blog throughout the whole year…well I last a whole 3 months! 2020 will be better I promise!

I’ve done a few exciting things since I last blogged in March 2019, here’s a quick run down so you will be all caught up! Go back and check out my other blogs in case you’ve missed them!

April 2019-Traveled to Milwaukee for a Sorority conference!

regional picture
Me with my lovely Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Sisters!

May 2016– Participated in the Crim Fit 5 mile bike ride! Finished even in the rain.

We did it!

August 2019– Took a tour of the lovely murals located around Flint, MI.

graffiti pic

Downtown Flint, MI

October 2019-Participated in the Breast Cancer walk (Flint, MI).

breast cancer pic
    Supporting Breast Cancer survivors, those currently in the fight and their families.

November 2019-Birthday Month and traveled to N’awlins!

kim bday
Happy 49th Birthday to me! SO grateful to see another year!
new orleans (2)
My mini me Julia and I in New Orleans

December 2019-Celebrating my friends!

stephanie (2)
Celebrating our friend Stephanie, now Dr. Stephanie!
diva christmas (2)
Celebrating Christmas with my friends aka The Divas!


Whew….So as you can see, I’ve done a lot of great things this year, and the year isn’t even over yet!

I’m excited to see what 2020 will bring, this is the boost I need to motivate me to blog more in the New Year!

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Hanukkah!


8 thoughts on “Back on the Blogging Bandwagon!

  1. Everything about this is amazing and Everything about you is awesome!! What a wonderful and blessed year of adventure and time well spent with family and friends!! You’ve been moving nonstop, living your best life and no bars hold!! You are beautiful, bold and wise!! The brush you’ve designed, colors your life beautifully!!! Thanks for sharing
    Silver Fox!😊❤ #LoveAndSupportStrong


  2. Perfect summation of all the wonderful adventures you’ve had during 2019. I can’t wait to witness the adventures of the Silver Fox in 2020.


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