What’s Your Vision?

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I’ve been thinking on what things to add to my vision board this year: weight loss? improve finances? travel more? All the things I vow to change every year!

I’ve made vision boards in the past, but I’ve never really paid attention to them after creating them and hanging them in my room, nor have I acknowledged when a “vision” on my board turned into a reality. This year will be different…..

Not sure what a Vision Board is? Check the link below….


This year I will be very specific with my “visions”, I’m a big believer in getting back what you put out in the universe, I wonder if that includes my dream Range Rover?!

Have you ever created a vision board? If so, what things on your board became a reality?

If you have never created a vision board, I challenge you create one, what can it hurt? Grab your friends and turn it into a vision board party! Another excuse to drink wine!

What is something you really want to see happen in your life? New job? new car? new love? Visualize it on your board and watch what happens!

Need ideas? Head over to the mecca of creative ideas:

I would love to hear your vision board ideas! Tell us about the things on your vision boards have become a reality! Comment below and share your story!

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